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Candidate Journey #1: Seduced by L.A. Cleansweep

Ron Kaye and a small group of people worked hard to create an organization to oppose the election of yet another crop of City Council members in the March 2011 elections with predictable 15-0 voting records. Thus was L.A. Cleansweep born.

I was at the launch party event, headlined by former Mayor Richard Riordan, and well reported on by the L.A. Weekly.

The bottom line was that seven L.A. City Council seats would be up in the March 2011 election cycle. The question was raised: who, if anyone, was willing to step up and run against the well-financed and rarely-challenged incumbents? As it turned out, not a large group of people were prepared to take on the establishment, including our own CD14 incumbent in Northeast Los Angeles.

On the other hand, the crowd was fired up, the energy level was high, and it was clear that only desperate measures would change the course of L.A. City politics. Candidates were needed to return the City to fiscal sanity and ethical government before bankruptcy and potholes took over.

As a long time activist who had watched the three councilmen from NELA (Huizar, Reyes, Garcetti) literally run their pieces of the City without any real regard for the people they allegedly represent, I decided that it was time to put up or shut up. I agreed to be a potential candidate for Council District 14. One other person announced that he was a candidate for CD 14 – local businessman Rudy Martinez.

And so the journey began.

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